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Another thing that they had incommon was the early government of Athens which was the "Age of Kings" and the government of Sparta which also had kings.

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After the Second Messenia War, the people of Messenia were crushed yet again and made into helots. These were the last super powers in the Greek states. Sparta, known in antiquity as Lacedaemon, was an ancient city of Peloponnesian Greece and capital of the region called Laconia. Also, the Spartans were rich because owning property and passing money down their families made for future generations to have money [6] the government of the Spartans was of an oligarchical rule.

Sparta essay conclusion is why even today, Sparta is revered for its power Sparta essay conclusion legendary status. Finally, time was a major hindrance. Their rights were also unknown but they were made to fight if their masters or Sparta needed extra man power.

Men also developed homosexual relations with younger boys. Alcman is generally regarded as the originator of lyric poetry in Doric Greek. If too much time elapsed, the front of the line would collapse from exhaustion and the phalanx would be shattered.

This created an impregnable barrier to attacks. C they were able to capture Athens. They also had legends of female Spartans warriors painted onto vases, which they called the Amazons. This means that if a property was sold, the helots would transfer to the new owner like they were objects.

In the years B. After the Second Messenia War, the people of Messenia were crushed yet again and made into helots. The Achaean League at the time was starting to fight with Sparta. They served the masters that owned their own estate. With women being equal to men and newborns being left for dead so only the strongest can survive.

Also, phalanxes could take on cavalry, elephant attack, and other non infantry attacks and hold their own.

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The following decisive phase of Spartan history involved its clash with rival Athens in the Peloponnesian War b. Sparta in Literature The following entry presents critical discussion of classical literature concerning the ancient Greek city-state of Sparta.

Together, the Helots and Perioikoi performed the economic functions that allowed citizens to fully focus on the preparation for war—the fundamental aspect of Spartan life.

Sparta & Athens

When Xerxes came ten years later after Darius, Sparta took up a more active role. Tegea, a powerful Arcadia city, was next on the list for conquering. The people that survived the battle rejoiced as if they had won the battle. All in all, Sparta was a wonderful culture that deserves to be told about once more.

Their rights were also unknown but they were made to fight if their masters or Sparta needed extra man power. Also, Spartans were not allowed to drink to the point of being drunk.Dec 09,  · Athens vs.

Sparta Essay Words | 5 Pages Athens vs. Sparta During the times of Ancient Greece, two major forms of government existed, democracy and oligarchy. May 06,  · Essay Paper: Sparta Civilization. Updated on March 6, Cesa Ruiz. more. Contact Author. Conclusion. In conclusion, the Spartan civilization lived and died in a short period of time.

What they taught the world was strict military training can create a powerful army.

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9 years ago from Essay. This is UPYACHKAAAAAA! AUTHOR. Cesa dominicgaudious.nets: - Sparta & Athens Sparta and Athens so close yet so different. Since the beging of these two great city~states everyone has been fascinated by the similarities, but more by the differences.

Sparta vs athens essay conclusion

This essay will tell more about the differences than the similarities. Conclusion This WebQuest was to help you draw your own comparisons and contrasts between the cultures of the two major city-states of Ancient Greece.

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Athens and Sparta had a major impact on the Greek world. Essay alternative healing is better than medication errors faust film analysis essay research papers on education management statoil bressay environmental statement chief analysis of the raven essays on leadership vce literature essays or criticisms teenage life difficulties essay stingy person essay the person i admire essay english essay.

Athens VS Sparta Essay Words | 4 Pages. During the late Archaic Greek and Classical periods, two particular city-states were in existence with significant similarities as well as differences.

These two city-states, Sparta and Athens have unique formations of government, histories, goals, as well as societies.

Sparta essay conclusion
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