The keys to launching a successful brand extension

The limits of consumer research for managing extensions The role of consumer research is to assess the level of risk. Well, there are many variables involved in having a successful brand extension.

Among the various types of organic growth strategies, a brand development approach highlights existing and new brand and product opportunities.

Ten Routes to a Successful Brand Extension

Along the same lines, Stubbendeck is building out her company's website to provide lots of advice for expectant mothers. This creates a self-fulfilling prophecy: Consumer's knowledge and experience affect the evaluation before extension product trail. The higher the similarity is, the higher perception of fit will be.

How To Successfully Extend Your Brand

Marketing Management, 10 2 In this guide, winners of nearly a dozen Get Started events share their advice and insights on how an aspiring entrepreneur can take those all-important first steps, stay on course, and recover from setbacks: Determine brand and category associations.

Does the proposed extension really beat its competition? Many years ago, when there was still a lot of male prejudice against cosmetics, Vichy decided to name its male line Basic Homme de Vichy. Create brand extendibility guidelines. Are they going to become successful brand extensions?

But research is not management. Brands are a matter of context The message is not the brand, branding creates context. In Europe, Perrier has always been hampered by its most differentiating attribute, its strong bubbles.

Sales alone are not enough. The process usually involves identifying the associations and brainstorming where they might be relevant.

Brand Extension vs Brand Stretch: The Good, the Bad, and the Rules

Savvy entrepreneurs are quickly learning how to leverage crowd-sourcing, universities, and other cost-effective sources of expertise--even for critical professional services. Here is a four-step road map to make sure that future new products or services complement, or better, enhance the current equities of the brand.

The general consensus is that when brand equity is high, the chances of a successful brand extension increase. While he admits that he was wary of using professional services halfway around the world, he was ultimately assuaged by reading through reviews from other businesspeople who had used their services.

Take Drytunes, a company that makes a go-anywhere, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. If, as in her case, you know you want your employees to own the company, you need to create an environment that will attract and retain those kinds of employees.

Prior to any extension, one question must be asked: Offer to partner up on a sweepstakes - in turn for writing about your brand, you send them 5 samples of your product that they can give away to their readers.

The proxies chosen may or may not represent good new product opportunities for the brand i. This approach is in direct conflict with the one most companies use.

Keys to successful brand extensions Strategic Brand Management

The best partnerships are mutually beneficial and enable both parties to grow in some way. Most companies know how to extend their brands by leveraging organizational competencies and determining unmet customer needs. From a manager and marketer's perspective, an operation of branding should maintain brand messages and associations within a consistency and continuum in the long way.

It might do for a simple line extension, a variant, but not for a brand extension. Innovation is no different. Use marketing research also to test the possible new brand extensions. What counts for far more is having a solution to a problem.

Each also gives the brand widened relevance and less of a narrow image. Consequently, in this article, we may conclude the following points about consumer evaluation of brand extension: How is your hair product, line or set of services unique from all others? Yet their potential for success might also be questioned.In theory, launching a successful brand extension should be easy.

All you have to do is take a familiar name and slap it on a new product in another category. Then again, in view of history’s epic flops including Hooter’s Air, Colgate TV dinners and the Evian water-filled bra, perhaps it’s not that easy.

Regardless, each year witnesses a new crop of brands. Brand extension or brand stretching is a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name in a different product category.

The new product is. The truth is that successful clothing brands become successful in part because they’re created by people who are passionate about clothing.

But, a clothing brand needs more than just exquisite design to create a lasting business. The Two Secrets of Brand Extension Success How fit and leverage can help you EXCEL where others fail.

Clorox found brand extension success by focusing on categories where consumers gave it permission to extend. Launching new products is tough, but it presents an area where improved performance could distance a company from its peers.

That's how companies gain a competitive advantage, he added. For salon owners and stylists considering launching their own product line, the new reality series L.A. Hair will be of particular interest. On the show, entrepreneur and celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin offered valuable business advice with fellow stylist Kim Kimble, who’s looking to expand her hair care we take a look at Antin’s five tips for launching a successful startup or.

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The keys to launching a successful brand extension
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